Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shaz Wedding...

My loud friend in Sime lah kalau dia berckp satu department dengar...we used to usik her kata mak dia tertelan microphone masa mengandungkan dia dulu..but how loud she is, deep in her heart she is very2 nice lady.

She helped me a lot during my early day in Motor Division...yelah aku nie masa tu kena buat semua administration of benefit...sampai jaga tayar kereta director pun aku gak kena buat..but in another way it is a learning process for me..Shaz has helped me a lot and teach me the real working world..

After few month ..she has been transffred to KL..actually dia yg mintak..but jodoh tak kemana..we are meant to work together again when i was directed to transferred to so called a new department called People Super Cool...opppssss People Services Centre(PSC)..So here i am with her again

Actually she got married about a month ago...aku yg teramat malas nak jodohnyer dah sampai ngan cik abang ayie...Long ever lover relationship..9 years i guess..berakhir di jinjang pelamin..alhamdulliah...majlis resepsi berlansung di putrajaya...

So shaz..all the best ..may Allah bless u and ayie with happiness and a lots of children...heheheh

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