Sunday, May 4, 2008

People Super Cool!!

People Super Cool..another name for People Services Centre..

Sebut je nama org confius ..korang buat apa yek..service org ker? mcm service kereta?

To tell you a truth yes we served all the staff in Sime Darby regarding their HR benefit, training and recruitment..Newly created department..belum setahum pun task force dah sampai 30 org..we are growing , growing ang keep growing..

Alhamdulliah ..allah mudahkan kerja aku disini.....but there is always pro and conts..kan mana pun kerja biaq ikhlas and insyallah rezeki akan dtg..

Friends..ok ler..semua enjoy and doing works is usual here..masa kerja kerja masa nak enjoy semua jadi gile really thankful for all the help and guidance guys..

Ok last month we had our first PSC outing..of we go to Port Dickson!!!!!!!! but for no much excited coz kira balik kampung we had BBQ party and we put a nite sime darby apartment..some in the bunglow..Eventough ader beberapa perkara yg menjadi issue ari overall we enjoyed ourselves..Lupa nak ckp its not only open for PSC staff but extended to the family members as i pi ngan hubby ler..

Ok below is the pic...

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