Thursday, January 24, 2008

Missing You!!

It has been a week i didn't see my husband...outstation again...i need to admit his work of nature..nak buat mcm mana nak cari rezeki kan...but sometimes i feel we dont really have a good quality time together...furthermore he is working on saturday...there you go the saturday is burn..we cant move anywhere or attending a function on saturday..

But i really happy for him..he seems to enjoy what he is doing now..this mighht be the job he is looking for all this while...more experience and exposure..we believe all this will benefit us in the future.

Think about job and future..we really thinking about venturing into our own business in future..cant think of doing this job until the rest of our life...but all it needs the capital $$$$$ and the knowledge..

Lets hope the best will happen.. and to my hubby come back soon!!!!!

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